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We’re Giving Away FREE Memberships!

Posted by: admin on July 26th, 2012

That’s right! I’ve just convinced Jonathan to give away completely free accounts to:

Article Builder (Normally $297/year)
Keyword Canine (Normally $197/year)
Jiffy Articles (Normally $127/year)
The Best Spinner (Normally $77/year)

That means that four very lucky people are going to be able to access some of the most popular and valuable products on the market and they won’t pay a dime! :-)

Here’s how to Enter the Contest To Win!

ALL you have to do is connect with JL Affiliates via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter or Google+.)

Just Follow JL Affiliates on at least two of the following social networks:


That’s it! The only requirement is that you follow JL Affiliates on 2 of the 3, but if you want to do all 3 then you’ll have an even better chance at winning!

What is JL Affiliates? JL = Jonathan Leger + Affiliates = is the affiliate headquarters (so to speak) for all of Jonathan’s awesome Internet Marketing problem solving products. This is where you can get news on all of Jon’s products, affiliate material, affiliate training and instant announcements regarding new products that Jon produces!

Winner Selection and Announcement

In about a week or so we will randomly select four winners. One winner for each of the four products. If you are selected to receive a product that you already own, you will have the opportunity to pick another product. The process we use to select the random winners will also be published for full transparency.

Good Luck!! :-)

123 Responses

  1. iain says:

    I’m all over this. Thank a lot for the opportunity :) Iain

  2. GoodLuck says:

    I hope I can win this prize. But there is only 4 slots available. LOL

    • Carrie says:

      I would love to win keyword canine. But might not since only four can win. lol. I wanted to buy keyword canine but did not have the money too. I heard it was really good.

  3. Karen says:

    Following all three!
    ksmusselman on Facebook
    @weddingbkmarks on Twitter
    Karen Musselman on Google+

    And I would LOVE to win Article Builder :-)

  4. Lee Smith says:

    I followed all 3 links

  5. Sriram Raj says:

    Awesome give away. This is one of the best tool kit for bloggers. I am in it

  6. Lior says:

    Great idea. I’m in!!

  7. Gabor says:

    It is a great contest, I love it. But how do you know who follows at least 2 of the 3? If somebody use different usernames?

  8. sandi s says:

    Thank you JL….i like your web, i will try to be your affiliate.

  9. Yeah all signed up for two of the three!!!! Looking forward to the results next week!

  10. tudor says:

    Cool i hope i win :) I already use The Best Spinner and it’s great!

  11. Geoff Norman says:

    Hello Jon
    Having just followed you on all 3 social websites I realized that your suite of article production products put together is awesome.

    Within the next couple of months I shall put a website up purely for you products.

    I have been following you for 3 years and have never before seen your stuff as an item.

    Geoff Norman

  12. Anish says:

    Hi Josh,

    Thanx for making available this opportunity to win one of JL’s product.

    1) I have liked the facebook page from my
    2) Followed from my twitter account @anishanish
    3) And also +1 from the G+ account

    Hope i win Article Builder :)

    Thanx once again

  13. Nuno says:

    I’ve added to G+ and FB. I’m a T.B.S. member and I would love to have an A.B. membership :)

  14. Andrea Smith says:

    I AM IN! haha thanks Jonathan and Josh

  15. Shavkat says:

    Done, all 3! :) (I’d be happy to get the Article Builder for free)

  16. Joined!

    I got a copy of the Best Spinner but would still love to have another copy and the other 3 software that Jonathan have.

    Thank you Josh for convincing Jonathan! Thank you Jonathan for giving us a chance to get a taste of your products.

  17. Sunder Venkataram says:

    I have liked on Facebook and Twitter. Please give me the Article Builder

  18. Tobi says:

    Thanks for the invite.
    would have followed even without that contest, but thanks for a chance to win these amazing products.

  19. This is an awesome give away that you two have put together…

    Thank you Josh for really giving Jon 100% of your time and talent~ You two make a good team.


  20. Paul Lilley says:

    I am in. Done, I even liked even your dogs Twitter account to have a better chance at some of the best software on the market. Have a great day!

  21. Dane Morgan says:

    I’m in, and I’m connected at all three locations.

  22. I have no added all three accounts. I cross my fingers because you have some very great products, and i love using the ones i have.



  23. Tom says:

    Great idea to build your followers with real buyers and affiliates. Thanks.

  24. Cindy Gordon says:

    Hi Jonathan and Josh.
    What a great idea Josh to get your social media presence in full swing. A truly win-win for everyone, even more so if you are selected to receive one of your products.
    Congratulations to the person who is selected!
    Have a great day now.

  25. I appreciate your gesture in offering your products free.

  26. This a super offer. I just hope I am the lucky guy to win, I have had cash flow problems, Lost a few old high rank domain names recently..and having to start all over.. I need Jon s spinner badly..saw His email a few days ago about the limited sale but I do not have the extra cash..
    I read all of his stuff..

  27. Nikolay Nikonov says:

    Followed all 3!

    Btw, if I already have The Best Spinner subscription and win one more, can you change it to another product?

  28. Done! All 3 – great idea ;-)

  29. kaushik says:

    I have been started following your JV site on three of the sites you recommended.

    Twitter – visionwizard
    Facebook –
    Google+ –

    Hope I am now eligible for the giveaway. I would be glad if this will not turn out to be a fake competition just to have some likes from social sites that after penguin and panda updates Google likes most to give better SERP position.
    I am eagerly waiting to hear that genuine person is winning without any nepotism.

    I like your products and the are really best for IM>


  30. I already have Article Builder and The Best Spinner. They are my favorite tools. I am sure Keyword Canine would be the solution to all my keyword difficulties. Wish me luck!


  31. Musab says:

    Just followed on all three…

    Facebook: Musab Zain
    Twitter: heavens786
    G+: Musab Zain

    I would love to try out Keyword Canine. I really hope I win!

  32. David Todd says:

    A chance to win any of your products is yet another gift.

  33. Matt says:

    Liked, followed, and if I can figure out Google+ on my phone, I’ll do that too!

  34. Jason says:

    Very cool offer. Joined all 3 and shared.

  35. dutch says:

    done! Thanks

  36. Awesome, is that life time free membership. I follow you every where. It’s really great Giveaway

  37. I just completed all three. I hope I will win one of Jon’s awesome products.

  38. Richard says:

    What if we love JL so much we already own all 4? !!!! Perhaps a one year extension?

  39. Linda says:

    Thanx for the opportunity to win one of these great products… I’ve got my fingers crossed and praying for Article Builder… ;)

  40. Daniel C. says:

    I hope I win! I just found out about Keyword Canine a few days ago and I wanted to buy it but it is closed.

  41. Lise Lafontaine says:

    It would be such a pleasure to win anyone of these products, but I do have a “weakness” for Article Bulder.

  42. CJ Boston says:

    Thanks I’m looking Forward to winning TBS. All connected now.

  43. Mary Austin says:

    Following on twitter and google +

  44. marcello says:

    Awesome promotion Jonathan, i´m in…my twitter accont is allthetips.

  45. I did follow in all 3, lets see if I have some luck hehe. Every product simply rocks, I have read lot of good stuffs, and TBS is simply amazing, can’t live without :)

    Take care

  46. Kim says:

    I`m in ! woo hoo! I followed on fb and twitter. I sure want a chance to win one of your amazing products. You know how to make life much easier for IM`ers. You also have great support which isn’t easy to find these days.
    Thanks for this chance.

  47. Grant Lambert says:

    I am in for all 3. If there were more chances I would enter there as well. I really have enjoyed TBS over the past years and would love to get into the Article builder software. Please pick me… :)

  48. Loretta says:

    Gladly followed and liked you in all three social places. Entering this giveaway was the easiest thing I’ve done all morning ;-)

  49. Thanks for the opportunity to take part. Got my eye on the ‘Keyword Canine’

    SEO practitioners must be one of the most competitive people on the planet, that’s all we do.. compete and rank! I’m loving it… Thanks

  50. Eric says:

    Follow all 3+

  51. I already have experienced the success of “article builder” and “the best spinner” . I would love to win your Keyword Canine or Jiffy Article If only to win one then the Keyword Canine

  52. Chris says:

    What an awesome opportunity, and contest. With the chance at free accounts to Jonathan’s best software, you can only imagine the possibilities for success.

  53. Great contest with awesome giveaways… these are excellent products!

  54. Jeffrey Kirk says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I’m in!

  55. Gert says:

    Amazing prize winning opportunity! As a customer of JL I can say I have to say I would gladly follow what Jonathan has to say via my Google + and my facebook.

  56. TailoredWP says:

    So far I like the products that I bought. I only need to experience the power of Keyword Canine. =)

  57. topsy says:

    This is nice. Will enter the contest.

  58. Sam Deane says:

    Signed up with FB and twitter – aready use AB and BestSpinner so hope I can win one of the other two -JL’s products are awesome! :-)

  59. Marenda says:

    just followed all 3

  60. Janel Gelien says:

    Okay, I am now following to the ends of the earth on all three! Love all your products.

  61. Donna White says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to get 1 of your excellent products. This has motivated me to open and check out a Google+ profile. (I know, I should have already done that. . . lol)

  62. Adam Stanley says:

    What a cool contest and amazing value of course for the winner. It would be a great chance for non believers of stuff like this to prove that these sort of things can actually work. I have seen many things like this at high prices with video proofs which haven’t actually worked in the end. You know the ones that promise the world but don’t really deliver.

    I have been the owner of the best spinner for a good few months now and must say it REALLY does deliver what it says on the tin. Great job Jonathan.

    I have my fingers crossed for my chance of winning but also wish everybody the best of luck

    And here’s to success

  63. Konstantin Snytko says:

    I want ArticleBuilder!

  64. Martin says:

    Done – Im in on this

  65. Steve says:

    Thanks for the chance. Great way to get follows.

  66. Girish says:

    followed you with id seohelpz

  67. Amanda says:

    I wiil follow 2 of the sites
    Thank you

  68. Michael says:

    Wow I’m hoping to get lucky on this one.

  69. Maggie Owens says:

    okay. I followed all 3. Thank you.

  70. Gary says:

    Im following aon all thank you for this giveaway what an opportunity.

  71. Syed Akram says:

    Hopefully you will pick me with Article Builder since I’m already your customer for TBS since 2 years ago.

  72. WPHound says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I want to to try article builder :)

  73. Terry says:

    Very cool contest, way to go Jonathan!

  74. David says:

    Great contest Jonathan. I appreciate the opportunity.

  75. Christopher says:

    Done for all 3, becuase it is worth to spread the word about Jonathan Leger products.

  76. Cindy says:

    Ahhh, what the heck? I never win anything! But this is simple enough, so I’ll give it a try! :D

  77. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Way to go. I am one of your fans for using the bestspinner3. Although I will be glad to get Keyword Canine. Thanks for all your article writing tools. They really help me.

    Thanks again.

  78. Taco says:

    just added on all 3

  79. Lisa-Marie Spires says:

    Bonjour Jonathan,

    I’ve signed up to your facebook page lisamariespires and twitter lisamariecoach.

    I’d love article builder or jiffy articles…. but love the promotion!

  80. Murrey Donaldson says:

    I like the Keyword Canine program which gives information at a glance on any keyword.
    Thank you.

  81. Kimmo says:

    Cool! Love all your products, Jonathan. Haven’t tried Keyword Canine yet, though,

  82. Done!
    Thanks Jonathan.

  83. Steve says:

    Would love to give Keyword Canine a go.

  84. James says:

    Cool contest, may have to borrow this idea.

  85. Taimoor says:

    started following you on all 3! i already have TBS,ArticleBuilder this time i would like to get my hands on Keyword Canine :D

  86. George says:

    Got you on all three, rally hoping to be lucky enough to win.

  87. Pardeep says:

    Hi, just added you as per the contest requirements. Good luck to everyone!

  88. Lee Sharp says:

    Hi Jonathan
    I have been following all your products,I think they are all fantastic,future products will be great as well.They put the fun in working.
    Have a good week
    Cheers Lee

  89. Mike says:

    Sheez, how many people are just commenting?….reminds me of when the Lotto first came out in my State…everyone was buying tickets, dreaming of being the next winner….similar here though the odds have to be a little better :)

    Any money back guarantee if you don’t like the product you win?


  90. Bill Marks says:

    Great offer, Josh, and Thanks, Jonathan. Fantastic promotion with super value.

  91. John BR says:

    Done! Can I miss this opportunity? No Way!

    All the best to everyone!

  92. nigel davies says:

    I like the look of Keyword Canine!!

    So signed up to Google Plus to follow and liked you on Facebook. Here’s Hoping!

    Cheers, Nigel

  93. Emma says:

    I never win things, but I did it anyway :) fingercross

  94. David Caban says:

    Fun! I followed you on all three. Love Jonathan’s products!

  95. Followed – we are currently using a couple products and love them – have considered the keyword canine – hopefully we can get that one.

    Thanks for everything.

  96. John says:

    Doing all 3 also! Thanks for the opportunity Jonathan and for the free webinar traings! best of luck to everyone ( including myself-:) on winning!

  97. Dan Keating says:

    Very cool and effective way to get followers.

  98. Digitalark says:

    I have just followed twitter and google+

    I already have article builder, keyword canine and the best spinner. So would be great to win the outstanding package.

  99. Bishop says:

    Followed indeed. ARTICLE builder is the truth.

  100. Anita says:

    Love the products would love to get the Article Builder just building my Word Press Blog following Amin’s Webinar on Saturday


  101. Jack says:

    Excellent opportunity. I have followed on all of them.

    Thank you!

  102. Benjamin Hübner says:

    Great contest!

    I´m already following you on Google+, and now I follow you on Twitter and Facebook as well!

  103. I just connected with you on Facebook and Twitter – KNSFINANCIAL on both.

    I would love the win keyword canine, since I wanted to try it out, but I can’t afford it at the moment.

  104. Lucky Tony says:

    Done all three:-) Now its only question of Luck:-))))

  105. Phanindra says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Followed you on all those 3 networks.
    Twitter – @sparkindark101
    Facebook –
    Google+ –

    Thanks for the excellent giveaway Jonathan :)


  106. doddyhartady says:

    i hope i can win one of your products..

    they are the best products in IM world :)

  107. I love Article Builder and would love to try out Keyword Canine. I’m on the waiting list :)

  108. Mihir says:


    If I remember correctly, you were going to choose 4 winners, one for each product. But you chose only 3?

  109. bob says:

    it says 4 lucky winners but only 3 have chosen, do I get the 4th for being the first to point it out.

    BOB (U.K)

  110. Edward Green says:

    As said above the products were revolutionary when they came onto the market. I also like your views Jonathon.

    I have you “liked and Followed” on my 3 networks

  111. James Jonea says:

    I use the article builder and the best spinner great tools. Saves me a lot of time !

  112. Joseph says:

    How do you follow on Facebook?

  113. Giang Dinh says:

    Whoaaa! Thanks for Giveaway Jonathan!

    Followed you on all those 3 networks.

  114. I followed 3 account, i like Article Builder ^^. I hope win!!

  115. Judietu says:

    I joined and follow Jonathan all 3 links.Hope to be a winner!

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