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The Difference Between Jonathan Leger’s Different Content Solutions

Posted by: admin on April 24th, 2013

As you may know, many of Jon’s products have provided solutions in the form of either providing quality content or helping you write and/or produce quality content quickly and cheaply.

But with all the options, how do you choose which is best for you? In this article my goal is to eliminate all confusion in that area, so you know exactly which of Jon’s content products is best fit to suite your needs. His content products are:

Article Builder (AB:) AB produces a seemingly unlimited number of nearly unique (guaranteed to be at least 75% unique) content in over 100 different niches at the push of a button. You can also (very quickly and easily) add your blog(s) to AB and set it to automatically post highly relevant content to your blog(s) on autopilot, each and every day! It will insert images, videos and it will even link your clickbank affiliate links to random, targeted anchor text in the articles (with the nofollow attribute added) for you automatically. It finds the products and does it all for you. On top of that, you can insert “tip” blocks of nearly unique content into your old content to update them, increase the word count and improve the user experience.

In one sentence, I would describe AB as an automated content generator, that (believe it or not) produces HIGHLY readable, quality content in over 100 different niches. All of the content is written and edited by native English speakers and the content snippets are mixed into millions of highly unique variations, but since it is all human edited, all of the variations still make sense and provide value to the reader. Click Here to see a DEMO

The Best Spinner (TBS:) TBS is constantly referred to as “The Best Article Spinner on the Market” by it’s users in discussion forums and on their blogs. That’s because TBS has an enormous user-generated English thesaurus (TBS also has German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese thesauruses as well now) with hundreds of millions of entries added by REAL users writing real-world articles! It allows you to quickly and easily spin multiple versions of articles by rotating through different variations of words, sentences or phrases. So you load up one article, add spin syntax (a few special characters that TBS recognizes) and start adding variations of each word, phrase or sentence directly from the huge user-generated thesaurus! Once you’d added all of the variations you want, you simply click a button and TBS generates as many different variations as you need. Click Here to see a DEMO.

Instant Article Wizard (IAW:) In a nutshell, IAW goes out and pulls snippets of highly relevant content from authoritative websites on any keyword you input into it and then takes those snippets and combines them into one article. It also connects to and works with the TBS API which identifies all keywords and phrases in the newly generated article that have variations available in the TBS thesaurus, so you can very quickly and easily created multiple versions of the article that are completely unique! You can also reorder sentences and paragraphs with a couple of clicks, set it up to automatically post the articles to your blog and check copyscape for uniqueness. There are loads of other optional features, but in general IAW allows you to create unique articles without having to research or write ANYTHING yourself! Click Here to see a DEMO.

Answer Analyst (AA:) In Jon’s words “is a powerful tool for finding the answers to any questions you might have, which makes creating content around those subjects incredibly easy.” It’s basically a tool that automates the process of researching content topics. You simply ask the software a question, or insert a keyword, and it craws the web, finding answers to your question. You can then select the answers that you like and add them to your research, which you can then use to write your articles quickly and easily with the absolute best research done for you and displayed right before your eyes. Click Here to see a DEMO.

Instant Article Factory (IAF:) IAF is a tool that helps you to create articles VERY quickly, by using a series of randomized templates, which are provided for you (although you can add your own if you like as well.) You select the template you want (like top 3 tips, pros and cons etc.) and it generates one of many variations of it, allowing you to basically fill in the blanks, making it more and more unique. It also supports spinning, allowing you to add multiple versions of any word or phrase through the article and it also connects to the TBS API, so you have that enormous synonym database at your fingertips. Once you’ve created your articles, you can click a button to create various unique versions. Click Here to see a DEMO

Jiffy Articles (JA:) JA works similarly to IAF at the highest level, but has over 5,000 different templates in 81 different categories, whereas IAF has a limited number of templates. The template text provides examples on the title, the introductory paragraph, the body points, the conclusion and the author resource box. You can quickly and easily rewrite each one into your own words. JA also and allows you to search for and find those templates by keyword. Once you’ve created your article, you can check the spelling and grammar, automatically post it to your blog or download it to use it wherever you like. Click Here to see a DEMO

Thrifty Content (TC:) TC is an affordable, monthly PLR content provider. New topics for the articles are added every month and you get a BARE MINIMUM of 1,500 new articles each and every month! All articles are written by native English speakers and are of top quality! They are all a minimum of 500 words, much pass copyscape before being released and are all passed through quality control before you ever see them! All TC subscribers also gain access to a very cool article rewriter tool, which will help you rewrite articles FAST. Click Here to see a DEMO

iNeedArticles (INA:) INA is very simply a content marketplace. You, as the customer, tell us what topic(s) you need an article(s) on and our team of NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING authors gets to work. You have the option to select only writers with high ratings and you can pay a little more to put a “rush” on the article. Content is SUPER cheap and high quality. The price is only $0.007 per word! Yes, that’s LESS than one cent per word. Click Here to see Article Samples

I hope this helps when trying to decide which of Jon’s excellent products is best for you or your subscribers. And as always, feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have regarding each of Jon’s affiliate programs. You can find affiliate information for all of Jon’s products at JL Affiliates.

To Your Success,
Josh Spaulding
Affiliate Manager

5 Responses

  1. James Tan says:

    Hi Josh,

    I believe there is a mistake in the Jiffy Articles description. You wrote: “JA works similarly to IAW at the highest level, but has over 5,000 different templates in 81 different categories, whereas IAW has a limited number of templates.” I believe you actually wanted to compare Jiffy Articles to Instant Article Factory(IAF) and not Instant Article Wizard(IAW).

    All in all, i find this post very useful and although i am not a user of all Jon’s softwares, i will definitely in the future.

    Thank you.

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks Josh, a very useful recap of the product range. You might want to look at the jiffy article reference to IAW, I think it should be IAF. Cheers.

  3. admin says:

    oops, thanks for the heads up! Even I get confused with all of the IAW’s and IAF’s and TC’s and JA’s and AA’s lol Corrected.

  4. Duncan says:

    have to admit, you turn out great products. i make a few sales as an affiliate every once in a while. really like your stuff. Keep up the good work.

  5. James Tan says:

    Hi Josh,

    Just for your info, is this article service from Jonathan still working? The URL is at this location: I find it puzzling that there are no more updates on that service when it launched a few months ago. The seed article is top notch and is even better than Vita Vee’s Ultra Spinnable Articles. Can you provide an update to that article service?

    Maybe once you had sorted it out with Jonathan, it would be a good idea to put the service over at the Jonathan’s forum at because that is where i hang out the most. :)

    Keep up the good works!

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