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New Promotional Material Now Available!

Posted by: admin on October 25th, 2012

That’s right! Over the past month we’ve added several new items and features that will help you generate more sales as an affiliate.

New Promo Emails and PPC Ads

We’ve added new promotional emails that you can copy and paste or use as a foundation for your promo emails. We’ve added some sample PPC ads that may be useful to you if you are a PPC marketer.

New, Free, Rebrandable Report

The new report is called “Easy Article Profits” and it can be rebranded and downloaded via the Article Builder, Instant Article Wizard or The Best Spinner affiliate pages. Or you can simply click this link to rebrand it and download your copy. This short report explains exactly how to start and run a profitable online business by using content software and selling content to webmasters. It’s a brand new, high quality report that I (Josh) wrote (I got my start online as a content seller years ago.)

New YouTube Channel

We also have a new YouTube channel full of all of the sales videos. You can embed them directly from YouTube (just make sure that the box next to “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” is NOT checked when embedding” that way you can use it to sell the product as an affiliate without related videos popping up after the user views it. Or you can simply get the code from the JL Affiliates product affiliate page, which already has that option excluded.

New Payment Option for Article Builder!

We also have a new quarterly payment option for Article Builder! This special is offered to anyone who leaves the Article Builder site without buying. The user is shown an exit popup, which tells them that if the price tag was too high, we can help. This has already improved sales and commissions for affiliates. Some affiliates are mailing their lists just to let them know about the new option … feel free to do so.

New Exit Popup for TheBestSpinner

We’ve also just added an exit popup to The Best Spinner. When a visitor leaves without buying, they are shown an exit popup that offers them a free video that shows them how to spin content. They must opt-in to receive the video, so we are then able to continue trying to convince them to buy, which you as an affiliate will still get credit for if we are able to convince them!

As you can see, we’ve been very busy producing new items and features in order to help YOU make more sales! Look for more great ways to promote and increase sales in the near future. In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at any time via email at josh at jlaffiliates dot com.

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