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How to Multiply Your Affiliate Commissions

Posted by: admin on April 11th, 2013

Before becoming Jonathan’s affiliate manager, I was a long-time affiliate myself. As a matter of fact, I had sold tens of thousands of dollars of Jonathan’s products alone over the past 8 years. Throughout that time I learned that there were a few things that would, in many cases, multiply my affiliate commissions if put into place properly.

I learned that promoting the EXACT same product to the EXACT same list could result is a handful of sales (literally 5-10) when these things were not put into place and 50, 100 or even a few hundred sales to my little list if they were put into place!

I learned that most Internet Marketers who are on multiple lists (ehhh, every internet marketer on the planet?) become conditioned to ignore certain things and act on other things. So what can you do to make them pull out their credit card and act? Great question, I’m glad you asked. :)

1. ALWAYS offer something that makes your offer stand out from the standard, public offer! I STILL catch myself doing a promo from time to time where I don’t offer anything special, I just recommend a good product and those promos very rarely do well. I did this very recently for a GREAT product, it didn’t sell well, then I realized, duh I didn’t offer anything that the general public isn’t already being offered.

There are two excellent things that you can do in order to make your offer special:

- Work out a discount with the product owner so you can take care of your people by getting them a lower price. This is usually only possible when you can show the product owner that you are capable of generating a decent number of sales, as allowing ALL affiliates to promote a discount would dilute the value of the product. But if you can get a discount worked out, it can really help sales.

- Offer some sort of a bonus that compliments the product you’re promoting. This can be very powerful. If you notice, many of the biggest names in Internet Marketing do this regularly when they promote big launches. Jonathan has even recently done it with SENuke XCr offering some HIGH value bonuses and is doing well with that offer. I’ve also offered bonuses that go directly with the product. For example, a while back I promoted an SEO product and offered everyone who ordered through my link, my personal, winning SEO blueprint.

2. Think hard about your Subject and angle! This is important. Just imagine sending out an email to your list that says “This is cool, buy it.” Depending on the relationship you have with your list, that might actually work, but in most cases it’s going to result in little to no sales. That’s why you write up a good promo email that explains what it is, why you like it and why you think it will benefit the subscriber. But it goes even further than that. ArticleBuilder (for example) is a great product that produces great content and I believe that is good enough for me to buy it. BUT, there is one angle that affiliates use and it always triggers many more sales and that is by hitting the angle that users can LITERALLY setup an unlimited number of little adsense/affiliate sites using ArticleBuilder and profit from them with less than 10 minutes of work! Now THAT is a powerful angle and it works very well.

3. Use scarcity when possible – This one should come as no surprise, but don’t let it slip your mind when you have a chance to use it! A product that is only available for a certain period of time… a product that is on sale for a certain period of time… a product that only has so many copies available… etc. will almost ALWAYS generate many more sales than a standard product that is always available at the same price. A countdown timer on your landing page is a very effective way to constantly remind people of the scarcity as well.

4. Show personal results when possible – Again, this goes without saying, but don’t let it slip your mind! You should be using any product you promote anyway, but if you’ve gotten good results as a result of using it, be sure to record those results and reveal them! PROVEN results generate LOADS of sales! Proof sells more than anything!

5. Combine all of the above for MEGA success: It’s difficult to find a product where you can do all of the above, but if you can, you will do VERY WELL! If you can’t, which is common as an affiliate because you can’t control everything, it’s not the end of the world. Just try to accomplish as many of these things as possible. In many cases JUST offering a discount or bonus will result in a highly successful promo.

As I mentioned, I’ve successfully used the advice above over the past 8 years in order to generate thousands of affiliate sales promoting Jonathan’s products and others. The more of these things that you can do, the more money you’ll put in your pocket!

And as always, when it comes to promoting any of Jon’s Internet Marketing Products, feel free to contact me at any time via email at josh at I would be glad to help.

To Your Success,
Josh Spaulding
Affiliate Manager

15 Responses

  1. Mk Akan says:

    This works …the bonus and discount option works very well.

  2. Lewis Leake says:

    Thanks for the reminder Josh. I have used some of the tactics but as you say, sometimes these things slip our minds, we get in a hurry or just get lazy.

    Thanks again for the reminder!


  3. JohnTheJock says:

    Hi Josh,

    Good advice, and you hit it on the nail with one sentence …. Depending on the relationship you have with your list!

  4. Hi Josh:

    Very well written, very informative with excellent tips. Thank you. It is a tough sell out there!

  5. Wajidi says:

    Hi Josh:

    Great advice, very useful tips to improve and increase the affiliate income strategy, especially point 3 & 4, thanks a lot!

  6. Great advice Josh.

    I think it’s also important to only work with a few product creators… That way you can build a great relationship with the vendor and work strategically.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  7. Josh,

    Thank you for posting this info, it is very informative for anyone who does affiliate promotions on their websites.

    It seems as though every little thing that we do for our customers as an addition to the product we are selling makes a huge difference in our income.

    Quite some time ago, Jon put out a PDF that his affiliates could have every link within them changed to their affiliate link to increase their affiliate sales. This was a great give away, which helped my sales quite a bit. It not only helped Jon, it helped everyone who sold for him. I used it as a free offer just to get people to sign up for my mailing list.

    Wish he had done this with the new 10 page PDF ’4 Step Money Sites’, it is my opinion that would help every affiliate that he has.

    Hope you have a beautiful day, it’s great here in these East Texas Woods~


  8. James Tan says:

    Wow, how I wish I could have this list when I first started out as an affiliate myself. Thank you so much for sharing. I especially love point number 1 because whenever I have a hard time deciding whether to purchase a product, the huge quality bonuses help a lot in decision making.

  9. Virgil says:

    This is definitely true. As a buyer I’ve always been heavily influenced by bonuses added to an affiliate’s offer as an incentive to use their link.

  10. Sudhi says:

    The above points definitely makes sense. But what matters most I guess is the relationship with the person in whose list I am. If I constantly has a reason to belief in his good will it will be that much easier.

    Well!! that’s not easy to build. That one can achieve only with time. So the very first thing that one needs to do according to me is building a really good will and relationship with his/her list.


  11. Thanks for the tips. In my case, sometimes you also need writing technique to influence the subscriber to buy the product.

  12. Leonard says:

    This is great information to serve as a reminder to pay close attention to our lists and how we treat them. From a consumer point of view, I always look into the value of the bonuses which many time out ways the value of the actual offer depending on my needs at that time.

  13. Josh,
    This is a well written article with good reminders. Even if the people on our list know that the offers are meant to encourage sales it works since it demonstrates effort on the sellers point. Someone made a valid point in a previous comment that writing technique is relevant. Our copywriting skills make a big difference in sales conversion as well.
    Thanks again!

  14. Rick says:

    I like the ideas Josh, Making the links super easy to use like HoneyJo suggested is also a great idea.

    Rubbers side Down,

  15. Rick says:

    You forgot to mention in the 4 step money sites that you need to put a sign up for a free report on the sidebar to try to get people on your list.


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