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We’re Giving Away FREE Memberships!

Posted by: admin on July 26th, 2012

That’s right! I’ve just convinced Jonathan to give away completely free accounts to:

Article Builder (Normally $297/year)
Keyword Canine (Normally $197/year)
Jiffy Articles (Normally $127/year)
The Best Spinner (Normally $77/year)

That means that four very lucky people are going to be able to access some of the most popular and valuable products on the market and they won’t pay a dime! :-)

Here’s how to Enter the Contest To Win!

ALL you have to do is connect with JL Affiliates via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter or Google+.)

Just Follow JL Affiliates on at least two of the following social networks:


That’s it! The only requirement is that you follow JL Affiliates on 2 of the 3, but if you want to do all 3 then you’ll have an even better chance at winning!

What is JL Affiliates? JL = Jonathan Leger + Affiliates = is the affiliate headquarters (so to speak) for all of Jonathan’s awesome Internet Marketing problem solving products. This is where you can get news on all of Jon’s products, affiliate material, affiliate training and instant announcements regarding new products that Jon produces!

Winner Selection and Announcement

In about a week or so we will randomly select four winners. One winner for each of the four products. If you are selected to receive a product that you already own, you will have the opportunity to pick another product. The process we use to select the random winners will also be published for full transparency.

Good Luck!! :-)