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RankCrew New Site Package Walkthrough

Posted by: admin on February 20th, 2015

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“I am ready to order a RankCrew new site package, but I am not sure what to enter into each field along the way including the use of spintax. Can you please provide some insight?”

First, you have to understand that the new site package in RankCrew comprises several different individual tasks.

50 Social Bookmarks
50 RSS Feed Directory Submissions
50 High PR Web Directory Submissions
50 article directory submissions
50 High PR Forum Profile Links

Next, you have to understand what spintax is. Spintax is a type of coding language that takes multiple words or phrases and mixes them with other words and phrases. So by doing this, you can have different variations of descriptions (as an example of one of the many uses of spintax) and have a different version for each without having to go through and write them one by one.

Now back to the first point. Since there are different tasks, the description is going to vary. Each type of site that we submit to is a little different, so the text that is included in each field for each site type is going to vary depending on the type of site.

I’ll give an example for each type as I go through the process for my site which is a Germany tourism website.

Social Bookmarks

For this, I’ll submit an internal page. I’ll submit this

It’s an article about Checkpoint Charlie.

So the Page URL is

For the Title, I’ll use the built in tool to build my spintax (see image to left), so I don’t need to actually format the spintax:

I’ll use these titles:

Checkpoint charlie tourism info
Check Point Charlie in Berlin
Berlin Tourism Hotspot “Checkpoint Charlie”
What is Checkpoint Charlie?
Checkpoint Charlie facts

I’ll split up the percentages to equal 100%. Since there are 5 of them, that’s 20% each. You could use more than this. The more the better.

That produces the following spintax:

{Checkpoint charlie tourism info|Check Point Charlie in Berlin|Berlin Tourism Hotspot “Checkpoint Charlie”|What is Checkpoint Charlie?|Checkpoint Charlie facts}

Now I’ll add a description. For this I will not use the tool. I’ll just write the spintax myself. This is what I’ll use:

{Checkpoint charlie|Check Point Charlie} is {a great|one of the best|a fantastic} {tourist|tourism} {spots|locations} in {Germany|germany|Deutschland|Berlin|berlin}. I {highly|really|really highly} {recommend|endorse} it.

Now, for the keyowrds. I’ll just add a few related keywords. This is what I’ll use:

checkpoint charlie, check point charlie, checkpoint charlie berlin

Now I’ll click “Next Step:

RSS Feed Directory Submission

Now we’re on the RSS Feed Directory Submission Task. The URL that I added to the last task is prepopulated. So I just want to ensure that I still want to use that URL. In this case I do not, since RSS directories only accept root domains. A root domain is the homepage of the site. In other words, you can’t submit an internal page url to RSS feeds. So I’m going to replace the current URL with the homepage url, which is

Now it needs the RSS Feed URL. If you use WordPress, your feed URL is probably That is is case for this site. So I’m going to enter into that field.

It is also possible that your site does not have a RSS feed. If that is case, you would select the “My site does not have an RSS feed” box, and move on to the next task for the package.

Now I’ll change the title to suit my homepage. Since the title for the previous task was prepopulated, again, I need to make sure that this title “fits” with the URL that I’m submitted for this task. Since the URL is the homepage URL (and RSS feed URL) then the title does NOT fit. I need to adjust it so that it fits the homepage.

Again, I’ll use the built-in tool for my spintax. These are the titles I’ll use:

Everything about Germany
EverythingAboutGermany Dot Com
Learn Everything about Germany
Everything about Germany Tourism
Everything Tourists in Germany need to know

I’m using my “brand” keywords instead of the keywords I want to rank for. That’s because if I use the keywords I want to rank for very much at all it can easily trigger a over-optimization penalty with Google. To avoid that, I use brand keywords.

Again, I’ll use 20% for each since there are 5 of them … I just split up the percentages so each title is used equally.

Now we’re change the description since the pre-populated description was for the checkpoint charlie post and this is for the homepage.

I’ll use this spintax:

{We provide|We offer|Learn} {information|everything you need to know} {about|regarding} {Germany|Deutschland} and {traveling there|being a tourist there}. {Visit|Come to} our {website|site} to {learn more|get started}.

Now I’ll change the keywords to suite the homepage:

germany tourism, traveling in Germany, everything about germany, germany, german tourism

Now I’ll click “next step.”

High PR Web Directory Submission

Now I’m on the “High PR Web Directory Submission” page. Again, we can only use homepage URL’s for this task, so we’ll leave the Page URL as it is, since it is our homepage and not an internal page.

We will change the title, description and keywords to those that we used for the previous task. You can click the “Previous task” button if you want to go back and copy each one over. It’s not a bad idea to paste them into a notepad doc for future use.

For the name you can either use your own name or a pen name. It doesn’t matter. I’ll use my real name.

For the email field I’ll leave that blank. RankCrew workers will use a email address for this, which will automatically click verification emails for me!

Now I’ll click “next step.”

Article Directory Submission

Now we’re on the “Article Directory Submission” task.

This page URL can be either the homepage URL or an internal page URL. That’s up to you. I’ll use my checkpoint charlie article url for this:

For the “Keywords” field I’ll leave the keywords related to checkpoint charlie in there that were prepopulated.

For the actual article I’ll leave the title, article body and resource box blank and I will select the “Travel” category from the ArticleBuilder category drop-down menu.

For the resource box I’ll write the following:

At {EverythingAboutGermany|} {I|we} {provide|offer} {information|important facts} about {traveling|being a tourist} in {Germany|Deutschland}. {Click|Visit} our {website|site} at {||} for {more info|more information|info on Germany tourism}.

For the URL’s, I use spintax to add in different variations, which is good for SEO. Again, I don’t use keywords that I want to rank for in the actual links. I just use my brand, which is “EverythingAboutGermany” and URL variations like www.

Once this is done I’ll click “Next Step.”

IF you provide your own content (you will have to if ArticleBuilder doesn’t cover your niche) make sure you either provide several different articles (paste each one into the built-in tool) or use one version with spintax! If you use the same exact article with no spintax it will be declined by many article directories and Google will not index most of the ones that do approve it.

High PR Forum Profile Links

Now on to the last step: “High PR Forum Profile Links.”

For this task we can use either the homepage URL or an internal page URL. I’ll use the URL for the Checkpoint Charlie post for this:

I’ll leave those pre-populated keywords in there since they are the checkpoint charlie keywords. Now I’ll write a short bio:

I {love|really like|enjoy|really enjoy} Germany and {have been to|have gone to|have visited} {checkpoint charlie|check point charlie} a {few|couple} times. I just {love|like} Germany {in general|as a whole}, so {PM|contact|message|email} me if you do {too|as well}. {Glad|Very happy|Happy} to be here!

Now I’ll click “Submit Package Details” and I’m done! :)

I can click the “My Orders” link in the top menu to check the status of it.