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We’re Giving Away FREE Memberships!

Posted by: admin on July 26th, 2012

That’s right! I’ve just convinced Jonathan to give away completely free accounts to:

Article Builder (Normally $297/year)
Keyword Canine (Normally $197/year)
Jiffy Articles (Normally $127/year)
The Best Spinner (Normally $77/year)

That means that four very lucky people are going to be able to access some of the most popular and valuable products on the market and they won’t pay a dime! :-)

Here’s how to Enter the Contest To Win!

ALL you have to do is connect with JL Affiliates via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter or Google+.)

Just Follow JL Affiliates on at least two of the following social networks:


That’s it! The only requirement is that you follow JL Affiliates on 2 of the 3, but if you want to do all 3 then you’ll have an even better chance at winning!

What is JL Affiliates? JL = Jonathan Leger + Affiliates = is the affiliate headquarters (so to speak) for all of Jonathan’s awesome Internet Marketing problem solving products. This is where you can get news on all of Jon’s products, affiliate material, affiliate training and instant announcements regarding new products that Jon produces!

Winner Selection and Announcement

In about a week or so we will randomly select four winners. One winner for each of the four products. If you are selected to receive a product that you already own, you will have the opportunity to pick another product. The process we use to select the random winners will also be published for full transparency.

Good Luck!! :-)

Article Builder Blogs can now be Automatically Monetized!

Posted by: admin on July 17th, 2012

I wanted to quickly let you know about a new, major update that Jonathan has just pushed out to all Article Builder users!

Article Builder can now locate keywords in the blog posts that match ClickBank products related to the category of the post and convert those keywords in the article into the user’s ClickBank affiliate link.

It’s very simple, and automatic. Under “Advanced Settings” in the job details, look for the “Monetization Options” and check the “Add links to matching ClickBank products in the posts” checkbox. Also, be sure to add your ClickBank Username in the field provided, otherwise it won’t work.

For an example of how it works, take a look at this post on Jonathan’s test blog — it has the CB hyperlinks in it:

Each set of keywords it finds a matching product for will only be hyperlinked once in the post to avoid an excessive number of matches, and a maximum of 5 keywords will be hyperlinked in any single post.

As I’m sure you can see, this is a very powerful new features and offers a GREAT reason to send out a mailer! If you haven’t already, you can read more about the Article Builder Affiliate Program, get affiliate material and sign up to be an affiliate at

And if you like, you can discuss this update on the forum at:

And if you have any questions at all, just email me at and I’ll respond ASAP.

MAJOR Updates to 1WayLinks + a NEW Link Network in the Works

Posted by: admin on July 13th, 2012

I wanted to give you the heads up regarding some major changes at

First of all, what was going to be 1WL 2.0 has turned into something else. Read about that here:

Second, blog posts going out on the network have been greatly improved in terms of their look and feel. Read about that here:

Finally, as promised, all deindexed blogs have now been removed from the network. If yours was one of them, and it was the only one you had in the network, you will need to put a new blog in the system to continue posting to the network. Read all about it:

I look forward to your feedback on all of this. We’re working hard to improve pretty much everything about 1WL and its effectiveness, so your feedback is welcome.

Awesome New Article Builder Features!

Posted by: admin on July 11th, 2012

Jon has been hard at work adding features and tweaking current features with the ultimate and very realistic short-term goal of making Article Builder the ultimate auto-blogging tool!

Here are a few of the New Features:

With Article Builder you can now:

1. Create a highly unique post from super spun content and put it on your blog.

2. Add images (Flickr) or video (YouTube) related to the category.

3. Add sidebar “tips” or callouts using the Inject Content feature that’s been in AB since the beginning.

4. Automatically add tags to posts based on the article content.

And more to come, so stay tuned!

(Visit the Article Builder Board to discuss these updates with Jonathan and other users.)

Keyword Canine Doors Opening July 16-20!

Posted by: admin on July 6th, 2012

After going through the system making improvements, adding new features and optimizing other features, we are happy to announce that the doors to Keyword Canine will be opening temporarily on July 16th and closing once again on July 20th.

A new video walk-through of the new features is coming soon, so stay tuned. But we believe people will be as excited as ever to use KC once they see the new additions.

So if you’re one of those wanting to promote, please see the affiliate page at for info on how to join the affiliate program and begin promoting.

You do not need to wait until the doors open though. You can always promote ahead of time to get your affiliate cookie set and once the doors do open you will get credit for all of those sales.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at I’m always available and glad to help.